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• 8/21/2017

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• 9/24/2013



1.   what was the reaction of the girls in the dressing room after listening to Annie Sorelli about the ghost?

2.   Where did Annie Sorelli see the ghost?

3.   What did the tall girl with black hair say about the ghost?

4.   Who saw the ghost two days ago?

5.   According to the girls what did Joseph Buquet say about the ghost?

6.   Why is Joseph Buquet going to be sorry, very sorry?

7.   What was Meg´s  mother  occupation in the opera house?

8.   Did Meg´s mother see the ghost in Box 5?

9.   What did the dancers do the whole evening.

10. Where did  workers find Joseph´ body?

     11. Who were the new directors of the opera house?

     12. How many workers were there in the opera house?

     13. what are Armand and Firmin going to do with the letter?

      14.what did the ghost ask in the letter?

     15. why couldn´t  “La Carlotta” sing in the opera that night?

     16. what did people say about Christine Daaé?

     17. What did Raoul look like?

     18. What is Raoul going to do after listening to the opera?

      19. what was Raoul´s  reaction after being rejected by Christine?

       20. where did he look for the man´s voice?
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